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Ye Olde Miner's Roast
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      Today I'm reviewing DogeLord Coffee's Ye Olde Miner's Roast and being an old crypto miner I thought this was a perfect blend name for me to try first!
      DogeLord doesn't seem to skimp on the flavor and Ye Olde Miner's Roast definitely delivers a mixture of flavor. I would say the flavor is both rich and bold while it has hints of something light. I'm not too sure what the lightness is but it comes and goes within the same drink that when you get the lightness it's quite refreshing. Now, I'm a mocha drinker myself but I still tried this blend 2 different ways with 2 different brew styles so lets go over these and what the results were.


      Drip is a great way to obtain the full flavor of a roast which can get you flavor profiles a brewing machine may burn-out. So the drip brew I will say has the best flavor all around for Ye Olde Miner's Roast.
      The 2 ways I tried this brew are: shot (no adds) & Mocha. So the shot of coffee was actually really good. Normally when I try a new coffee and I do the shot, I mostly get bitterness in the mouth that will stay with me for most of the day. However though, this was not the case with this blend. The shot was tasty, complexed flavor and almost no bitterness what so ever. A very delicious coffee that you could drink with just a lil butter and sugar. The Mocha that I normally drink is pretty simple: 1/4 cup of sugar, 10grams of chocolate (dark or milk), topped with almond creamer making the 1 & 1/4 cups of brewed coffee water the main flavor. So the question for me is always, Does the brew deliver? and yes, yes it does! The chocolate gets a lil removed but when I use dark over milk chocolate the flavor gets mixed into the blend. Making this mocha experience slightly different with every sip.
      This slightly different experience with every sip I would like to blame (in a good way) to the coffee itself. It's not just a simple flavor profile and when it's more then just a shot the flavor profile is very complex and has a slight change of taste with every sip. This makes your morning and afternoon coffee experience different, something you'll end up looking forward to throughout the day. Just as the sunrise and sunset has a mixture of colors, this blend has a mixture of flavors.


      Normally when I do a pressed brew I want to see how the flavor of the coffee changes after fully soaked in the brew water. Many roasts will loose the bitterness and some flavor but Ye Olde Miner's Roast lost the bitterness (if it had any) but not the flavor. This blend of coffee has almost no bitterness in the first place but the flavor profile doesn't get deluded with the pressed brewing process. This is a great bonus you don't get from most store bought coffees. So with this brew, I also did a shot & a Mocha. The shot here was less changing in flavor and the profile was pretty consistent. With this brew method, a bit of sugar and you are good to go! The Mocha was made the same as mentioned before but the flavor was less exciting but more constant. Where as the dripped brew style didn't get all the complex flavors into every sip, this brew style did! I almost feel like this brew method gave the most as in flavoring. The chocolate here was absolutely unnecessary and to ensure of this thought, I did my same latte build up as I would my mocha just without the chocolate and the taste in response was spectacular. Where as the dripped brew the chocolate kinda blended with the blend, this brew it was completely removed. So not including the chocolate actually gave this latte a bit more of earthy flavor, something that works perfectly for your mid-day tea time or mid-day pick me up. I'm an all day coffee drinker and for my after dinner coffee shot, I had the pressed brew but dipped some toasted bread and managed to have a wonderfully delicious snack added to my shot of Ye Olde Miner's Roast.

DogeLord Coffee Co.

      Now you know how delicious this blend of coffee is with 2 different brew styles, lets talk more about the company behind the blend! DogeLord Coffee Company is an all-around coffee resource. Rather you want your roasts or flavored coffee or even an appliance to brew with, DogeLord Coffee has you covered! But that's not all! They have mugs, samples and even single origin roasts so every coffee drinker can be covered from the connoisseur to the 1st time drinker! I would say that's all folks but for awesome reasons, it's not.
      DogeLord Coffee also donates, something more people love to see in a company and DogeLord Coffee has a special place in their heart for the Doggies! DogeLord Coffee donates to the Non-Profit Charity APBF (American Pit Bull Foundation) and Operation Sidekick. DogeLord Coffee is coming out with NFTs (Poly Network) where a portion of the proceeds will be turned into Bitcoin and donated to the American Pit Bull Foundation. This allows all their donations to be tracked with the most secured blockchain to date (Bitcoin). DogeLord Coffee has such high regards for helping this foundation that you can directly donate to the APBF from the DogeLord Coffee website, so the next time you are buying your coffee and coffee goods, maybe stop by the NFT Roadmap to donate directly to the APBF and help them Doggies out!

      As far as it goes, I for one will be going back to DogeLord Coffee for more of my coffee needs and I look forward to trying and reviewing more of their coffee blends!



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